I Have Nothing Of Interest To Say

No, really. This is irrelevant. Stop reading.
You were warned.

I'm listening to Bloody Jack in what is the seventy thousandth time I have experienced the story. I say "experienced" because I've read it many times but this is my first time listening. Which I am doing out of convenience because I have been packing for next week and doing lots of laundry and cleaning my room. Simultaneously. The eighteen dollar price tag was kind of outrageous, considering the actual length of the book, but Katherine Kellgren's narration kind of makes up for that. I got the audiobook on recommendation from one of my oldest friends, who introduced me to the series (for which I am eternally grateful). It's a short but enjoyable ride.
I'm going back to California in a couple of days, to visit friends and go dancing. It feels like time is slowing down as the weekend approaches.
I resolve to keep myself occupied until then. I let my thoughts start to catch up to me while I was painting the deck (an ongoing home project for which I am paid), which was kind of nice. I should hang out with my thoughts more often.
My eyes are kind of melting because I slept for not enough hours last night.
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I Miss Lindy Hop

Well that subject just sounds like some kind of weird beauty pageant. I didn't even start dancing till a few months ago, but its absence from my life is pretty noticeable. Hi my name is Lacey and I am a Lindy-holic. It's been twenty-three days since I last danced. Yea verily the lack of its presence doth taunt me.
BUT, this weekend, I get to go to LA, I get to see school friends and I get to dance. Wooooo go me!
In other news, this is the second entry I have ever posted to this journal and I'm really out of the swing of things (no pun intended) as far as blogging goes. So we'll see if this keeps up as I'm tying to keep myself occupied.
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First Entry

I went to the market today, and have returned with the spoils:

One Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels
A box of silced mushrooms
A bag of white rice
A tin of petite smoked oysters
Four kiwis and
Three piece of plum-variety fruit

Together these elements will eventually create, well, something.

In other news, the weather is being silly. I can see the snowline, about a half-mile above the house. The rain is trying so hard to turn into snow here, but alas, it's not having much luck. But I have hope.
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